• How do i sign up?
    • Click the Login/Register link here or at the top left corner of the website and you are good to go.


  • How do i find what i want to buy ?
    • If what you are looking for isn’t on the main page, you can click on the search bar at the top of the menu and search for what you are looking for or click on the shop menu and see all you are looking for.


  • How do i find out the actual price of a product or list of products?
    • It’s a quite a simple process, add to cart the products you are interested in, then fill in your coupon details if you have any, complete your shipping and billing details, choose a payment option you would like to pay through if transaction was to be carried out after your order was recieved, and  then click the place order button, a representative will give you a reply with apropriate details which include; The actual prices of products, the shipping method available for the products you requested and the total prices based on the shipping method you choose.


  •  How do i acually buy products?
    • It’s a straight process, after placing order and getting the invoice for your order and you are satisfied with the delivery period, sipping cost and cost of products, the representative will do all the backend hastle for you, all you’ll need is to pay using any of the payment options being offered to you. Your product will be shipped within two days of payment being recieved.


  • How do i get Blacjar to advertise my product?
    • Find a form in the Contact & Adverts section under the About menu and fill it with your appropriate details or send a direct email to info.blacjar@gmail.com with the appropriate information on the product you want to sell.


  • Can i get a specific type of product even if it’s not advertised in the store?
    • Yes you can, there are hundreds of more products available offline in our storage but quite a few challenges are being faced with the right photographs required to bringing the products to life. Futhermore, we have multiple manufacturers that can easily produce whatever you may need and to the cheapest prices being offered out there.


  • How long does it take for products to deliver?
    • Products delivery interval depends mainly on the shipping method the customer desires and also the type of product being purchased as a few of the products are from companies around different parts of the globe.


  • If i need BlacJar service for a freelance/contract job?
    • Blacjar can help you out when you need the following;
      • Consultancy in almost any field
      • Construction of machinery
      • Web development jobs
      • Web design jobs and much much more.

Check the HIRE US page for more details.